Amazing Spider-Man (2018) Issue #1-5 Comic Book Free PDF Download

Amazing Spider-Man (2018) Issue #1-5 Comic Book Free PDF Download Full True PDF

Amazing Spider-Man (2018) Issue #1-5 Comic Book

For all the nerds on the KatmovieHD we bring the on-going comic book series in Marvel 

Read It all Have Fun

Experimental Post !!! If we get good response we are thinking to upload a Mind Blowing Batman Series from DC Universe


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♦Download PDF Issue #1

♦Download PDF Issue #2

♦Download PDF Issue #3

♦Download PDF Issue #4

♦Download PDF Issue #5

Complete Issue #1-5 Pack

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The Amazing Spider-Man is an American comic book series published by Marvel Comics, featuring the fictional superhero Spider-Man as its main protagonist. Being in the mainstream continuity of the franchise, it began publication in 1963 as a monthly periodical and was published continuously, with a brief interruption in 1995, until its relaunch with a new numbering order in 1999. In 2003 the series reverted to the numbering order of the first volume. The title has occasionally been published biweekly, and was published three times a month from 2008 to 2010. A video game based on the comic book series was first released 2000 and a film named after the comic book series was released July 3, 2012.

After DC Comics’ relaunch of Action Comics and Detective Comics with new #1 issues in 2011, it had been the highest-numbered American comic still in circulation until it was cancelled. The title ended its 50-year run as a continuously published comic with issue #700 in December 2012. It was replaced by The Superior Spider-Man as part of the Marvel NOW! relaunch of Marvel’s comic lines.[1]

The title was relaunched in April 2014, starting fresh from issue #1, after the “Goblin Nation” story arc published in The Superior Spider-Man and Superior Spider-Man Team-Up. In late 2015, The Amazing Spider-Man was relaunched again with a new volume with issue #1 following the 2015 Secret Wars event.




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